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Flying Standby

Join Goddess Electrolysis' Cancellation List!
Exclusively for

Trans Women / Trans Femmes seeking
occasional appointments for

Facial Hair Removal

Questions? Email us at


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-This is for trans women / trans femmes only.

-Our standby appointments will be exclusively for FACIAL HAIR REMOVAL

-All appointments will be one hour long, unless otherwise noted.

-The hourly rate for these appointments will be $150-200/hour. If you are paying out of pocket, you can choose a rate within this range that works for your budget. If you are going to submit an invoice to your insurance for reimbursement, you will be responsible for the full cost ($200) at time of service and we will send you an invoice electronically within 48 hours.

-Treating hair by electrolysis requires the hair to be at least 1/8” long at the time of treatment. The ideal hair length is 1/8-1/4”. This means you’ll need to STOP SHAVING and GROW YOUR FACIAL HAIR OUT for -on average- 2-3 DAYS BEFORE YOUR APPT.

-Electrolysis requires the skin to be hydrated for the treatment to be effective. If you are added to our Standby List, please moisturize your face with a water based moisturizer at least twice daily.

-We are only open on weekdays. Our hours vary, but in general appointments will begin between 10am and 6:30pm.

-If you sign up for an appointment, but do not attend, you will not be eligible for future cancellations until payment of missed appointment is received.

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