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We are Minnesota's only trans-owned electrolysis business.

We specialize in


in preparation for


Goddess Electrolysis works exclusively with trans folks who are preparing for vaginoplasty or phalloplasty.

Before either surgery, one must complete thorough hair removal to ensure there will not be complications post-operatively.

Pre-surgical hair removal is an intimate and time-intensive process and

it is our mission to make the experience as clear, safe, and relational as possible.

In preparation for vaginoplasty, we work to clear hair at the surgical site so that there is not internal hair growth after surgery.

In preparation for phalloplasty, we treat the skin graft site - usually the forearm or thigh -

so that the skin is without hair at the time of transplant.

Preparation for either surgery requires on average 12-18 months of weekly appointments.

We absolutely love to help trans folks get ready for their surgeries.

We are a team of trans women electrologists who are proud of the work we do in service to our community.

You'll be in excellent hands at Goddess Electrolysis and

we strongly believe you will find the experience to be meaningful and affirming!

*Please note - Due to the high demand for pre-surgical electrolysis, we have discontinued offering facial hair removal services.

We believe our service to the community is most important in the highly-intimate context of pre-surgical hair removal,

and that by focusing on exclusively pre-surgical clients we are able to maximize the number of folks we are able to serve.

We apologize to anyone who's been looking to work with us as a face client!

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