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Our Vision

Goddess Electrolysis is Minnesota’s first trans owned permanent hair removal service. Goddess Electrolysis was founded in 2020 by Ms July 23rd in an effort to make permanent hair removal more accessible to her community. Goddess Electrolysis provides high quality permanent hair removal services to all people, and offers Community Pricing for trans women and trans femmes!



Electrolysis is the only form for permanent hair removal certified by the FDA. Is a highly effective process by which current is emitted into the hair follicle, separating the hair from its blood supply and prohibiting the hair from growing back.





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5015 Ewing Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55410, USA

(651) 399 2804

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Goddess Electrolysis has very quickly become a dreamy, otherworldly space where trans girls and non binary people get to land, relax, and feel gorgeous. The business has come together in divine and magical ways. If you have been in for an appointment and want to let others know what to expect, please leave a review!

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