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The Goddess Experience

Welcome to Goddess Electrolysis! We are working to redefine how trans people experience gender affirming care in the state of Minnesota. If you'd like to work with us, now or in the future, please take a moment and read through the information below, as well as the FAQ tabs located above.

Goddess Electrolysis was founded with the explicit purpose of supporting trans folks to meet their transition-related hair removal goals. We are proud to be an exclusively T4T practice. As trans electrologists, we are naturally and enthusiastically invested in our clients’ care. We’ve built our business - from our tables and machines to our physical space to our practices of consent- specifically to meet the needs of the trans community.

Electrolysis is a very unique process that most folks find to be quite strange at first. It is performed by inserting a very small metal filament into the hair follicle and emitting an electrical current that disconnects the hair from its blood supply. Electrolysis treats one hair at a time.

When clearing an area of the body for surgery we are usually treating thousands, if not tens of thousands, of hairs. This is because hair grows cyclically. In addition to the hair that is present on the body at any given time, there is a large amount of hair that is dormant under the skin, and we cannot treat this hair until it cycles into its growing phase.

Reaching the point that all hair has been treated and no future hair will grow in this area requires dozens of appointments. This may not be the best way to sell our services; we know no one wants to hear this. But we believe in creating clear and realistic expectations for our clients and community. A client seeking pre-surgical electrolysis will expect to come in weekly for 12-18 months.

In order to serve the community in an equitable and efficient way, our approach to scheduling is founded on recurring weekly appointments, meaning we see the same client, at the same time, for 1-hour, every week.


We schedule this way because this allows us to work toward an initial clearing of the hair that is present, which in most cases will take many weeks, and then continuing to work with the hair as it cycles through the stages of growth. For many folks, this is a bit hard to conceptualize, but once they start coming in they quickly see how things work and why we schedule in this way.


​Our full rate of service is $200/hour. For more information about different ways to pay for your electrolysis sessions, visit our Services and Pricing tab.

Hair removal is categorically one of the worst parts of medical transition. That's why we work to make it significantly more comfortable, relational, and affirming. Having a space that is exclusively for trans folks is exceptionally rare in healthcare, and we are honored and excited to be working in this capacity for our community.

We hope you find the experience of working with us to be transformative and enjoyable, and we are grateful you are interested in working with Goddess Electrolysis as part of your medical transition!​

- The Goddess Team

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