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Interest Form

Over the coming months, Goddess Electrolysis will be bringing on multiple new electrologists.
We are creating this Interest Form as a way of keeping folks in the loop as new appointments become available.

This is not a commitment to working with us. It is also not a waiting list.

If you are a trans person looking for a provider to do pre-surgical hair removal, you are welcome to fill out this form.

As spots become available, we'll simply send out an email to folks who've filled out this form. That email will contain a link to a new interest form for specific appointment times. At that point, it'll just be a first-come first-served system for taking on new clients : )

We don't know the exact timeframe of onboarding our new electrologists. Maybe a few months. Please feel free to call around to other local providers if you're interested in starting your hair removal journey right away. For folks who aren't in a hurry, or folks who know they want to work with trans electrologists, thank you for your patience! We're really excited to be growing and can't wait to work with you : )

Future Forearms & Future Future Pussies

Thanks for submitting!

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